Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interesting Facts

I have learned a great deal about the natives, like the Yup'ik.  They have such a rich and beautiful culture, and then there are some wierd things about them too that I just don't understand.

I have noticed that they don't discipline their children.  Their children are not horrible in public, they play, they're a little loud, but they are free spirited. Most of the children in the lower 48 are just plain horrible due to the lack of respect to their parents and any other elders in their lives.  The Yup'ik children have respect for their elders. 

Elder and child

Speaking of children, when a woman gets pregnant, she gives her first born to her mother.  They believe in giving their children away to other family members and to people who cannot have children due to reasons beyond their control.  The reason that they give their first born to their mother is because they don't want their mother to be alone in her old age.  If the young mother has another child, then that child is given to her sister if she has any or to any other person that does not have a child already in her family.  They also do outside adoptions and tribe adoptions.  Very interesting on why and how they do that.

The Yup'ik live off of the land.  They hunt, fish and do whatever to make sure their family is provided for.  They still carry on old traditions. 

When I was here in Fairbanks, Alaska, I had many Yup'ik, Koyukon, etc as friends, but never really noticed their culture due to me being only a child when I lived here last in the 80's.  I also had a lot of friends here whose parents were in the military.  Alaska was beautiful then and is still beautiful today.  I absolutely love being in Alaska, it's a place all its own.  Very different from the lower 48.

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