Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting Closer

I have been so busy since this semester started. I have started my clinicals at the hospital, and now I am doing phlebotomy. Even my micro class is going great. May 7th keeps creeping closer and closer. Oh how exciting that day will be when I put my cap and gown on and walk across that stage to receive my degree that I have worked so hard for. There are other things that I can't say that seem to be falling into place. As soon as those things happen I will update. Just pray that it will happen, our family needs this so bad. It will be such a blessing.

At the parish, we are preparing to move our religious article shop from the church to across the street. I am soo excited about this. So that means we are going from a closet to a small office space which a HUGE difference. We moved everything out last night and now we start the cleaning which really isn't much of, and bring all the stuff from closet store to the new store. J We will open April 1st.

Wow everything I am involved with right now has a date, and its special!!



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