Thursday, March 10, 2011

Had an interview

I had my first interview yesterday afternoon at SEPA (Southeastern Pathology Associates). My interview was about an hour long and I met with 3 different people. I thought I was interviewing for the Medical Lab Tech position. But it turns out because I have not graduated from college yet. (May 7th officially!!!!) They interviewed me for the Histology Lab Assistant position. It is a very interesting field. Histology is where they take the organ basically, it's put in paraffin wax and it is sliced and placed on slides then the slides go on to a machine where they are dipped in certain reagents to stain the slides so the pathologist can look at them. It is very technical work. The shift is from 11pm – 8am. I don't mind the hours actually. So we shall see. It is a good way for me to get experience, and possibly open another door to become a histologist!! Who knows!!

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