Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blueberries and Shopping

Shopping for groceries, or anything during the holidays or on weekends is difficult with children.  It is soo draining on Rob and I when we have the girls with us.  We usually do our shopping during school hours during the day, but we didn't today.  Plus it was busy.  There were free samples of blueberries in the produce section and of course I told the girls that they can have a sample, and Reagan (who is not clumsy at all) dropped her little cup of blueberries, so I told her to go get another.  Low and behold, after putting a blueberry in her mouth, she dropped the cup AGAIN!!!! ARGGGHHH!!!! lol
Poor Reagan, all she wanted was her little cup of blueberries and she couldn't hold on to them for the life of her.

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