Monday, December 20, 2010

Book of the week!!

I read Holding Heaven last night. It took me about an hour to read the book.  Not many pages, but the content is great. Absolutely beautiful book.  It is about Mary and Joseph, what happend before Jesus's birth, and a few months later according to Joseph.  One night Jesus was stirring and crying, Joseph stayed up late with him, telling him stories about before His birth.  30 years later Jesus is doing the same thing with Joseph when he is on his death bed.  Jesus stays up late with His earthly father.  Joseph asked Jesus what is to become of Him.  And Jesus tells him that He is here to carry out a mission.  And that mission is save the world from their sins, and He will do this knowing that he will be betrayed.

I cried reading this book!! It is a beautiful book, and I absolutely think that everyone should read it.  It gives you an aspect about Jesus and Joseph that I personally didn't know.  This book is based upon scripture, so I am going off of that.

I hope you all read this book, it is a must have.

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