Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bethel, Alaska

Everything has been confirmed.  I leave for Bethel, AK on Monday at 6:45 am from Jacksonville.  I am excited that I will be working again, but very heart broken that my children and husband are not going with me.  We will have Skype on 24/7 and both girls have a phone to call me anytime.  This will be temporary, in July the girls and Rob will join me.

The girls know that mommy has to go so they can have the things that they want and need.  I will fly them up often, and I will visit as well.  I will also buy their clothes on the internet so Rob doesn't have to do that.  I am going to be very involved from 5044 miles away. 

Bethel does have a Catholic Church there.  So, I am very happy about that.  It is called the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.  I will immerse myself in my faith to get me through not being with my family.

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