Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My husband Rob and Piper
Our dog Piper is a weird little creature. We rescued her when she was 4 weeks old from Animal Control.  She is an Affenhuahua, in other words she is part Affenpinscher and Chihuahua.  She looks like a mini Chewbacca or a Ewok. LOL! Well anyways, she likes her food heated, she throws a temper tantrum at night in bed if she can’t get in the middle between Rob and I, she knows exactly when the girls are home from school and gets excited about their arrival, and she refuses to go to bed at night until one of us goes to bed.  Piper loves to be cradled like a baby, and she has the sweetest sighs. Oh did I mention that she usually won’t eat her food until the cat eats? It’s like a competition type deal between them.  I don’t know, it’s strange!! 


  1. Awww I'd love to see a face shot of her! I love dogs :)