Friday, November 26, 2010

To another wonderful Thanksgiving

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! My husband and I prepared most of the food the day before. So all we had left to do was the ham and sweet potato casserole. I usually bake a double layer pumpkin pie cheesecake, but hubby said no and for me to relax a little with the baking. I felt weird not making it. It’s always a hit when we have other family members over at my in-laws, but my in-laws went to the mountains in N. Georgia this Thanksgiving.  So I guess I will make it this Christmas. YUUMMMYYY!! Emmaline started the prayer before we ate. It was sweet. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and the girls rode their bikes. Tomorrow Reagan’s best friend will be here to spend the night. She is so excited. And guess what we are having for dinner the next few nights?? THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!! LOL

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