Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Put a fork in me

Seriously, you could put a fork in me and call me done for this semester.  My husband feels the same way.  We are so done with this semester that it is unreal.  I should be studying right now before I jump in the shower to get ready for class, but instead I am writing about studying.  LOL…. Does that count?? Let’s see, Rob and I have a test tomorrow in our MLT class on urinalysis, and then tomorrow night I have another test on chapters 8,9,10 in Chemistry 1151, which is Survey of Chemistry. That class is basically ALLLLL the chemistries rolled into this one class!!!! Oh Vey!! So, that is the homework that I am trying to finish up, for chem.  My homework is online for this class, and it’s due on 12/4. Then on 12/8 for chem. I have FINALS!!!!!!! But wait, before 12/8 in this class, I have a lab final on 12/6.  Are you dizzy as I am with all these dates too??!! I’m not worried about both of MLT classes. So, no sweating it there. Alright off to do some homework before shower.

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